Working in insurance is a rewarding career. But you cannot do it alone. The industry is highly regulated and dynamic — regulations and trends change often. You need a strong industry partner to help you navigate your insurance career.

Read on to learn about the top five reasons to become affiliated with the best partner in the business, American Senior Benefits, then contact us to learn more.

Five Reasons To Become Affiliated With American Senior Benefits 

American Senior Benefits is dedicated to serving those who need insurance, particularly seniors. We focus on helping people first. Our philosophy and operating model focus on helping agents be successful while enjoying a career in insurance.

Here are our top five reasons to become affiliated with American Senior Benefits:

Our hybrid model helps you succeed in the insurance industry. 

American Senior Benefits uses a hybrid model to support our agents while giving them the flexibility to find the best policy for their clients. We provide agency support, like a dashboard with all your information, weekly paychecks, and a simple commission statement. But you also have the flexibility of doing business with any of our industry-leading insurance partners to do the best for your clients. This means our hybrid model provides the best of both worlds to our agents. 

We put seniors first. 

At American Senior Benefits, we put customers first, especially seniors. Our business is structured around helping people live better lives. We want people to have the right insurance products for their needs, and to understand insurance coverage changes over time. We help our agents get it right for seniors with our customer-first philosophy.

American Senior Benefits partners with leading insurance companies. 

We understand how important it is to have strong industry partners. That is why American Senior Benefits works with all the top carriers in the US to provide the best insurance options for our agents. With every type of policy and coverage you can imagine, our partnerships provide a virtual marketplace for agents to select the best options for their policyholders. With carrier partners like Cigna, Allianz, and Aetna, agents have the most options to present to their clients. 

Our agents benefit from top-notch support and training.

At American Senior Benefits, we provide top-notch support and resources to our agents to ensure their success. From pre-licensing support to ongoing career training and development, American Senior Benefits is here for our agents. You can also take advantage of valuable discounts on your E&O insurance and continuing education classes to help support you as you grow in your career. We offer ongoing training opportunities so you can keep your skills sharp even as the industry changes. 

Marketing and lead prospecting supports your growing business. 

As an agent, marketing yourself and finding leads to sell to are critical aspects of your business. American Senior Benefits provides its affiliated agents with qualified lead sources and a CRM platform to manage them. Our automated marketing campaigns mean you never miss an opportunity to promote your services at the right time to potential and existing clients. And our agents have access to pre-written email templates to create an email marketing campaign easily. 

Become affiliated with American Senior Benefits today to start enjoying all of these great benefits and more!

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about why you should become affiliated with us, contact us at American Senior Benefits. Our affiliated experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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