Insurance sales is a people business. To succeed, all insurance agents need to remember that. But when you are selling to seniors, it is even more important to have excellent people skills. Insurance agents can work on their ability to form great working relationships with senior citizens to increase their success in their roles. 

Read on to learn more about ways to be a more successful senior insurance agent, then contact us at American Senior Benefits for more help. 

Five Ways To Become a More Successful Senior Insurance Agent 

Try these five tips to enjoy more success working with seniors: 

Develop your in-person communication skills. 

Many people rely on digital communications. And if you are a young insurance agent, you may have grown up using text, email, and other forms of digital communication over in-person ones. This can make it more challenging to work with seniors who often prefer face-to-face meetings for important matters like insurance. To overcome this, insurance agents can focus on how they communicate. Think about eye contact, active listening, and how your body language reflects your thoughts. 

Observe how other successful agents work. 

One great way to become more successful at anything is by studying those already doing the job well. Observe other senior insurance agents at your agency or in your network to learn more about working with clients. Pay attention to the way they speak, ask questions, and service their clients to develop your own skills. 

Remain a student of the insurance industry. 

Even though you may have already passed your licensing exams, continue to be a student of the business. You will need to take ongoing industry education courses to maintain your license, but there are many more opportunities to continue learning valuable skills. Many colleges and universities offer free online courses, which can help you learn business skills like accounting, marketing, and ethics. Other digital courses focus on insurance topics and can help you broaden your skills. This advanced education will pay off when servicing your senior insurance clients. 

Follow up regularly with your senior clients. 

Some insurance agents speak with their clients only at renewal time. This may work with some, but many senior citizens prefer more communication from their insurance agent. For many people, insurance is an expensive and confusing product, so it is helpful for them to have a trusting relationship with their insurance agent. As their agent, you can connect with your policyholders during the year to help them or just to maintain the relationship. Consider sending holiday greetings, reaching out mid-year to help with any issues, and talking post-renewal to make sure they understand their policy and coverage. 

Focus on service, not sales. 

While selling insurance is a primary goal of your job, try focusing on servicing your clients to be more successful as a senior insurance agent. By providing more information about products and policies that can help your client, you can offer them a better experience — and you may also sell more policies. This means explaining coverage options, conditions, and exclusions of different products and working with your client to find the best one for their needs. By servicing your clients well, you will get to know them better which lets you serve them best. Service all of your clients to be successful as a senior insurance agent. 

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about the ways to be a more successful senior insurance agent, contact the experts at American Senior Benefits. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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