In today’s digital world, a website is often the customer’s first exposure to a business. Websites provide the first impression to potential clients, whether positive or negative. This means it is important to have a website that helps you connect with clients in a positive and meaningful way. 

Read on to learn more about how to use your website to connect with potential clients, then contact us at American Senior Benefits to learn more. 

How To Use Your Website To Connect With Potential Clients 

Your website is your calling card. It is the digital first impression potential clients have of you and your agency, so it is worth the time to make your site user-friendly and intuitive. Try these steps to use your website to connect with customers: 

Design your website with your potential clients in mind. 

This sounds obvious, but many websites are not user-friendly. Consider your potential clients and make sure your site is simple and communicates your message clearly. When you market mostly to seniors, you should consider using simple fonts in a larger size. Avoid jargon and make it easy to navigate the different pages of your website. 

Use your website to educate your potential clients. 

People come to your site for many reasons — and an important one is to learn about insurance. You can use your website to educate consumers about coverage, insurance basics, and how to purchase insurance. Establish yourself as the expert in your niche or region by including relevant links to other vetted resources and written content like blogs, white papers, and case studies. Show people the depth and breadth of your knowledge and experience so they know why you are the best choice in agents

Connect your website to your current social media sites. 

If you already have social media sites, like LinkedIn and Twitter, add links to your socials on your website. Make it easy for potential customers to find you across all digital platforms. And be consistent — your brand and content on your social media sites should reflect your website’s look and feel. Once you have created your website, link to it from your social media pages. You can add a website to your description in LinkedIn and on other platforms so take advantage of this to crosslink your site. 

Collect email addresses and contact information of site visitors. 

A critical function of your website should be to collect email addresses of site visitors. You can do this in various ways:

Offer information in exchange for email addresses. If customers want to download some content, like white papers, ask them to provide their email address first. Then you can email them the content they requested — plus add them to your marketing campaign and send them other interesting, related content in the future. 

Include a call-to-action button. Include a button site visitors can click to learn more. Once they do, you can have a form that asks for their basic information so you can follow up via email or phone. Add their email address to your future marketing campaigns to continue communicating. Consider communicating with purpose by sending useful tips and information before asking for the sale.

Ask for email addresses through your quote button. When customers add their basic details to get a free quote, be sure to also ask for their email address. They may be shopping around and securing free quotes from lots of websites, so by asking for their email address you can follow up to sell them on the best quote. 

How Do I Learn More?
To learn more about how to use your website to better connect with potential clients, contact us at American Senior Benefits. Our affiliated experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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