Sales can be a difficult job and selling to seniors brings unique challenges. And when you are selling a complex product like insurance, you need to be on top of your game to succeed. Read on to learn more about the unique challenges of selling insurance to senior citizens, then contact us at American Senior Benefits for more help. 

Unique Challenges of Selling Insurance to Seniors 

Selling insurance can be complicated, and when your target market is senior citizens, it adds another layer of complexity. 

Seniors may mistrust insurance companies. 

Some seniors have had poor life experiences with insurance companies and may hold negative views. Perhaps they have friends that didn’t end up with the right product for their needs or overpaid for insurance in the past. These experiences make it more difficult to trust insurance companies.

Agents may need to work to overcome these past experiences or negative feelings about insurers to successfully sell insurance to seniors. Start by being compassionate and trying to understand your customer’s feelings. Empathy goes a long way toward establishing a positive rapport. 

Seniors may require alternative methods of communication. 

Some senior citizens have a hard time hearing in person or on the phone. Keep this in mind when communicating with your senior clients. They may agree or appear to understand you, but if they cannot hear clearly, then your message will be lost. Try to learn more about your clients to know if they have hearing challenges or use a hearing aid. Some hearing aids link to mobile phones so clients may be better able to talk with you over the phone. And if communicating orally is too challenging, consider making email or snail mail your primary communication channel. 

Seniors may need more time to discuss and think about your ideas. 

When selling insurance, you need to point out the value of your product. Seniors may take more time at this stage than other customers considering the value of the policy and what it may mean to them. They may want to go home and think about it, often returning with additional questions. This requires a bit of patience and finesse on the part of the insurance agent — providing the right level of detail and follow up for each client is an art. 

How To Overcome Challenges of Selling Insurance to Seniors 

Try these tips to overcome the unique challenges of selling insurance to senior citizens: 

Be empathetic and patient. Understand your seniors need time to talk and think about your offer. Ask questions to determine their needs and understand their past experiences. 

Communicate clearly and through various channels. Find the best way to communicate with your senior clients based on their individual needs and access challenges. 

Build a rapport and establish yourself as their agent for life. Many seniors prefer a long-term relationship with their agent. Position yourself as the agent who can meet all their insurance needs for life. 

Show your senior clients you are the expert. Provide information and value to your senior clients instead of simply asking for the sale. Show them you are an expert in your field, so they trust your advice and come to you with questions. 

Answer questions honestly. Be transparent with your clients. Some seniors mistrust insurance companies so make sure they can trust you. Provide both good and bad news honestly and transparently. Answer questions openly to create an atmosphere of trust. 

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about the unique challenges of selling insurance to seniors, contact us experts at American Senior Benefits. Our affiliated experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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