Everyone uses social media — even senior citizens! This is great news because using social media to connect with customers can be simple and straightforward, as well as fun. But before you can market to them on social media, you need to know where to find senior citizens online.

Read on to learn which social media platforms are best for finding seniors to connect with, then contact us at American Senior Benefits for more information. 

Top Social Media Platforms To Connect With Seniors 

Social media is a great way to connect with existing and potential policyholders. You can use social media to make new connections and reinforce existing relationships. Try using these top channels to connect with senior citizens: 


Facebook remains one of the top social media channels for older adults. While you are      unlikely to connect with many Generation Alphas on Facebook, many seniors are still using the tried-and-true social media platform to connect with family and friends — and with advertisers. A recent study by Pew Research Center found 46% of adults aged 65 and older used Facebook. With close to half of seniors active on the platform, agents should also be using Facebook groups and posts to engage with senior citizens. 


The same Pew Research study found 38% of seniors over age 65 used YouTube. This makes sense as the platform allows for shorter and longer form video content that appeals to many people. As an insurance producer, you can use YouTube to communicate, educate, and inform. You can do a series of short videos about a particular topic or a longer deep-dive explanation of a complex subject. Try offering value through educational videos, then connect with subscribers to offer them help with their insurance needs. 


The popular networking social media site, LinkedIn, is a solid social media platform to connect with seniors. Many people are working later in life and maintain their professional connections even after retirement. And LinkedIn offers targeted news and trending professional topics that interest many retirees, meaning the platform continues to have engaged users even after retirement. Keep your LinkedIn presence and profile updated and engage in discussions often to continue adding value. 


The ubiquitous neighborhood sharing site, Nextdoor, remains a top app for senior citizens. Many seniors take an active interest in their local communities, so social media platforms supporting community activities often suit their needs. You can be active on Nextdoor by answering questions, engaging in conversations, and being helpful. You can also decide to advertise on Nextdoor as a business using their paid advertising guidelines. 

Tips for Connecting With Seniors on Social Media

Once you have found your target audience on social media, try advertising and connecting with senior citizens on these top social media platforms by offering advice and information. Start with adding value before you ask for the sale. Curating excellent educational content helps set you apart as an expert in your niche, so make sure your social media profiles are active and informational. 

Finally, reach out to seniors and make a personal connection using your social media platforms. Even in this digital age, many people enjoy having a personal relationship with their agent or broker. You can easily facilitate this connection using the top social media platforms for seniors we have reviewed in this article. 

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about the best social media platforms to use to connect with seniors, contact us at American Senior Benefits. Our affiliated experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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